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Dr. Elizabeth is an Inspirational Speaker in the areas of Human Potentiality, Health, Nutrition, Well-being, Beauty, Fitness, and Self Help and the author of "Skinny Dipping in the Fountain of Youth". 

These courses are created for individuals looking to maximize their life journey by discovering their most authentic selves, removing blocks that keep us stuck, connecting with their intuition, and creating a life filled with true joy. Discover how to be undeniably radiant, youthful, beautiful, and sexy at every age and reach your greatest potential in all areas of life. 


Explore what my courses offer and how they can help you live life to the fullest!


The SuperPower Formula is a month-long live interactive program with me, Dr Elizabeth, supporting you via weekly zoom sessions, every step of the way along your journey to accomplish your life goals in all 4 areas of life: health, wealth, love, and career. This is your introduction to connecting with and trusting your intuition and allowing that to guide you to your greatest life. 

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My Radiance Factor Program is an interactive online course that provides step-by-step guidance and techniques to maximize your inner radiance, achieve personal and professional goals, and unlock that "Je Ne Sais Quoi" factor that makes a woman incredibly alluring and appealing. Would you like to tap into your Radiance Factor?


This program walks you through your daily routine, guiding you to make more purposeful, present choices that allow you an improved overall sense of well-being and happiness. It includes the keys to help you unlock the secrets to living your most vibrant life and achieving your greatest radiance, Use it anytime you need to reset and refresh.

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Work with Dr. Elizabeth 1-on-1 as you deconstruct mental blocks and actualize your highest potential and your greatest joy. She assists people in achieving their ideal weight and body size, manifesting the ideal intimate relationship, achieving massive success in their dream career and financial freedom.  Most importantly, Dr Elizabeth has guided people to feel alive, passionate and enthusiastic in their life and comfortable in their own skin.  

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