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Dr. Elizabeth has helped thousands of individuals achieve their life’s goals and dreams.  She assists people in achieving their ideal weight and body size, manifesting the ideal intimate relationship, achieving massive success in their dream career and financial freedom.  Most importantly, Dr Elizabeth has guided people to feel alive, passionate and enthusiastic in their life and comfortable in their own skin.  

The thing she hears most with clients is, “I can’t feel my life.” or “I can’t manifest the dreams that are in my heart.”  One of the greatest gifts her clients receive is amazing improvements in ALL areas of their lives.  As Dr Elizabeth is so often heard saying, “Small Changes = Miraculous Results.”   With her unique and specialized techniques, as her clients shift in one area of their lives, they reap remarkable results in every other area of their lives as well.  

Coaching topics:

  • Fulfillment in all Areas of Life
  • Career Success
  • Financial Abundance and Wealth Building
  • Handling Insecurities and Self Doubt
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Building Self Love
  • Clearing Energy Blocks that Keep Your from Reaching Your Dreams
  • Motivation, Consistency, Commitment and Determination
  • Proper Communication in Life, Career and Love
  • Manifesting Your Ideal Intimate Loving Relationship
  • Healing from a Broken Heart- How to Move Forward and Love Again
  • Weight Loss and Ideal Body Size and Shape
  • Food- How to Eat for LIFE  
  • Creating Healthy Relationships with Food
  • How to Have More Energy, Passion & Enthusiasm for Your Life
  • How to Go Vegan/Plant Based/Raw Vegan



This Package Includes the following Special Bonuses:

Private Coaching Bonuses are specifically designed to cater to the unique individual needs and desires of each client.

  • Heal Your Life Yoga Breath Technique- this technique helps you immediately relax, flood your body with oxygen, have more energy, peace and sense of overall well being
  • Introduction to the Chakras of the Body- learn more about these amazing energy centers and how your awareness of your chakras can enhance your life and your ability to manifest and create your dreams and goals
  • PERSONALIZED Weekly Affirmations 
  • EMPOWERING Weekly Mantras
  • Diet and Exercise Guidance (when applicable) 
  • And MORE!

3 Month Transformational Coaching Experience

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