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Unlock your full potential and manifest your dream life with this comprehensive online course. Led by Dr. Elizabeth, a Human Potential and Possibilities Expert, this course provides guided meditations, energy clearing techniques, and practical exercises to help you clear energy blockages and achieve your goals.


Want to have more Success, Freedom, Happiness & Fulfillment in Your Life

That life you dream of living, those goals you hold so precious in your heart, that picture of you living your best life right now, that is yours for the taking.


You just need a little extra encouragement and the right guide, someone who knows what they are doing, who's walked the path before you and can help lead the way. Someone who is trained to clear those stubborn blocks that have been holding you back and standing in your way!



If you'd like the opportunity to work directly with me in a group setting to get your questions answered and participate in live clearings with me, The Superpower Formula is the program for you. The SuperPower Formula is a month-long live interactive program with me, Dr Elizabeth, supporting you via weekly zoom sessions, every step of the way along your journey to accomplish your life goals in all 4 areas of life: health, wealth, love, and career. This is your introduction to connecting with and trusting your intuition and allowing that to guide you to your greatest life. Your intuition is your greatest SUPERPOWER and puts you in the driver's seat of your own life, giving you the permission and power to create the life of your dreams. With this, you can achieve happiness, success, and ultimately FREEDOM - the greatest gift of all. 

The Superpower Formula

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